Cockroaches are known carriers of many diseases, like salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. There are many different types of cockroaches found in New York City, but the most common one we find in our home is the German Cockroach. Adult female cockroaches can produce four to eight egg capsules in their lifetime and each egg can hatch approximately 17-40 roaches! That can create an infestation of up to 320 cockroaches, carrying the known diseases mentioned above and roaming around in your kitchen! It is imperative for you to have this issue professionally dealt with before it reaches a level of 320 cockroaches.

 We come across many clients that have tried their DIY products and methods and still contact us for help. We strongly advise against trying to solve a pest issue on your own for several different reasons. To start, the products that are sold online and in stores do not contain the same potent, chemical formulation that a licensed pest control professional has the capabilities of obtaining. Two, misapplication is a very common trend performed by inexperienced and unlicensed pest control professionals. Not applying pesticides in the proper way can have an adverse effect and tends to make a pest situation worse then it’s original state by forcing the infestation to spread and/or go deeper into hiding, making this a very, very difficult situation for a pest control professional to get under control. The third reason, we think the most common reason, hiring a professional to take care of any situation, whether it is for plumbing or pest control is always the safest practice.

 Below, are some ways to prevent a cockroach infestation:

1.       Cockroaches are hitchhikers; make sure to thoroughly inspect all store-bought food items and especially the boxes that packages may arrive in. A cardboard box is heaven for a roach!

2.       Make sure any/all cracks and pipe openings are sealed in your kitchen and bathroom. Many multi-unit buildings in NYC share the same pipes and kitchens are usually in the same line; which is an easy passageway to travel from one apartment to the next.

3.       Make sure your kitchen cabinets are sealed with silicone around all edges. Doing this will eliminate any potential hiding spot where a cockroach infestation can thrive.

4.       Eliminate storing food products in their original, cardboard box; as it will provide easy passage to food materials and provide a hiding spot. Place food contents in plastic containers will sealable lids.

5.       Sanitation, sanitation and more sanitation! This is the most essential part to any pest issue! Pests only need three things to survive, like humans: FOOD, WATER AND SHELTER. We provided ways to block typical hiding spots and how to remove the food.

6.       Make sure all water sources like sinks, tubs and coffee makers are completely dried and empty.

7.       If one roach is sighted, hire or call your exterminator!  


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