Cockroach Pest Control NYC

roach on the kitchen floor

Cockroaches are the most common pest found in Commercial and Residential settings throughout New York City. Infestations can get out of hand quick, as the German Cockroach can lay anywhere from 17-35 baby cockroaches in 1 egg capsule!

There are two, very common cockroach species found in New York City and they are the American Cockroach (Waterbug) and the German Cockroach. For Cockroach Pest Control in NYC we are your go-to pest control company!

Why Do I have Cockroaches?

Well, that is not a tough question to answer. Cockroaches, like humans, are searching for one of three things, food, water or shelter. Since your home can provide all three of these vital components of survival, it is no wonder we all see a cockroach! Living in a multi-unit building can be troublesome at times, especially when your neighbor is a hoarder and refuses to allow an exterminator in to perform a service! Don’t worry, there is a solution for that.

I’m Infested, Now What?

The first step is to hire a professional ASAP! Do not buy “bombs” or try to use Boric Acid, this will only be a waste of your money and make your situation worse then what it originally was! Our initial treatment consists of a heavy gel baiting treatment, combined with uses of dusts, traps and chemical barrier treatments. Let the professional handle your situation, that’s why we are called professional.

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