Our Services

We provide pest control services for all types of pesky pests; ranging from ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and more. Our pest technicians are cross-trained and highly qualified to handle all Commercial and Residential Pest Control issues in Brooklyn and NYC. We utilize a variety of treatment methods, but our core is use the least amount of pesticides as possible. At BOPM, we utilize a pro-active approach rather then being re-active. Every pest situation is unique and so is the environment, which is why we have specific treatment plans for each issue.

Residential clients fall under our Quarterly Service Program, which consists of treatments every three months, inside and out. As for restaurants, bars, etc, you would fall under our Food Establishment Program, which will consist of two treatments a month. Every environment warrants a different approach, contact us to find out what treatment program fits your situation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is solely to protect your home or business. BOPM does not only kill insects or rodents; we make life simpler, homes safe and protect businesses reputations. At BOPM, we enforce strict treatment guidelines and resort to chemicals as a last resort. Our sole focus is to eliminate your pests in the most fast, effective and safest way possible.

Best Exterminator Serving Brooklyn, NYC, and Long Island

BOPM is an award-winning, family owned and operated pest control Brooklyn based company. We are very dedicated to our craft and take pride in the service we provide. We are the best exterminator Brooklyn has- hands down! BOPM utilizes the smarter approach to solve your pest problems.

Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to every pest situation, reduces the risk of chemical exposure and provides the most safe and effective solutions. Our team members are highly skilled and excellent problem solvers. We strive to provide optimal results and build lasting relationships.

BOPM believes in accountability and can assure that all clients will receive the most optimal services in the industry. Our company was built on courtesy, professionalism and effectiveness. BOPM is based in Brooklyn, NY, but we do not stop there. Our company services every borough in New York City and the Long Island parts of New York. Our technicians are uniformed, licensed and professional. We don’t just care, we LOVE what we do.


“Easily one of the most seamless, efficient, and courteous companies to work with. They responded with an accurate and affordable quote within minutes.”



— Ryan Smith

“John is an absolute life saver! The guys a master and extremely professional. If you have any sort of pest issue, I highly recommend you call Bugged Out Pest Management.”



— Matt Alfano

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