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 Mice Exterminator NYC | Mouse Exterminator NYC

Mice Exterminator NYC

If you are seeking a Mice Exterminator in NYC, you have come to the right place! The threshold on seeing mice in your home or place of business is zero and we get that completely. As we all know, mice can transmit a bunch of nasty diseases, parasites and bacteria. Their droppings or “poop” are usually one of the tell tale signs that you have a mouse issue on your hand. These droppings should be cleaned immediately as they carry a bunch of parasites!

Why Do I have Mice?

For starters, like every other pest, your home or place of business provide a very conducive environment for rodents. There is food, water and a bunch of shelter! There are many reasons why one may start having an issue all of a sudden, construction inside your building, next door or down the block, these are usually the causes. As for commercial establishments, sometimes mice can be brought in through shipments, yes you heard us, shipments… We’ve seen it all!

I’m Infested, Now What?

Contact us immediately. Mice are serious, their infestations are serious and so are the health risks associated with them. Our treatment consists mostly of identifying how they are gaining access to your home, pumping poison in those entry points and then completely sealing off all entry ways. We find that this method is the most effective approach to handling a rodent issue. Exclusion, exclusion, exclusion.