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Best Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC

 Do you think you have a Bed Bug Infestation? Sometimes it is pretty evident if you do, but bed bugs hide very well and are usually found on your mattress or box spring. There are many different treatment options to eliminate bed bugs, but Bugged Out Pest Management (BOPM) is the best Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC.

The days of having to prep your entire home for extermination are over! BOPM is one of the first companies to offer MINIMAL PREPARATION bed bug removal services! How it works is simple: all sheets, pillow cases, blankets and bed skirts will have to be removed from the bed and placed in a bag to be washed.

Any items underneath the infested area will have to be pulled out and inspected if items are of clothing and these are the ONLY clothing items that must be washed! We implement the most effective and proficient Bed Bug Removal program in the industry, GUARANTEED!

Bed Bugs have quickly become the #1 pests infiltrating our NYC homes, schools and hotels. BOPM has been standing tall through the fight against Bed Bugs and is certified Bed Bug Specialists by the NY Pest Management Association! Every service that we provide is backed by our 3-month guarantee, assuring the quality of service we provide, which is unmatched in this industry.

BOPM is a family-owned and operated bed bug removal company that protects and serves all of NYC and Long Island. We also provide 100% green treatments, which are just as effective and VERY environmentally friendly.

Below is a quick little guide of what our process entails:

1.       A visual inspection is performed to your home by a highly qualified and trained technician. In this process our technician will thoroughly inspect all “hot spot” areas, being mattresses, box spring, couches, basically any area where you rest for long periods of time.

2.       Treatment process: A chemical treatment with long-lasting residual control will be performed. This will eradicate all bed bugs and their eggs. An application of insecticide dust will be performed to all wall voids and electrical outlets; which prevents bed bugs from spreading through your walls, as well as from neighboring apartments that may be infested!

3.       We place bed bug monitors throughout all rooms in the home to provide consistent documentation of infestation level and location of said infestation.

4.       Follow up treatment: Two weeks after initial service; we come right back and provide an identical service!

5.       Our final step is to provide you with our 3-month warranty. If, for any reason, there may be a recurring issue of spotting a bed bug, you call us and we will dispatch someone within 24 hours to come and perform another inspection/treatment, FREE OF CHARGE!

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Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Removal in NYC

BOPM Green Treatment consists of utilizing a 100% Eco-friendly approach for Bed Bug Removal in NYC. We utilize organic pesticides, which have the same effects as those of a synthetic compound, yet more safe and non-toxic.

We use a commercial grade steam machine which will immediately eliminate any live bed bugs and bed bug eggs that hide deep in unreachable cracks and crevices.

We remove all outlet covers in affected rooms and perform a dust treatment to the wall voids, all with organic materials! We also place insect monitors to help with the removal process by providing analysis of our infestation level and location of infestations. With this service, there is an extra charge.


 When Is the Right Time to request an Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Removal Program? 

1.          When you are pregnant.

2.          When there are little infants that reside in your home.

3.          When you or someone inside the home have upper respiratory issues, like asthma or rely on an oxygen tank.

4.           When you have very high allergies, it is always best to use organic products.

5.          When you don’t want to expose you or someone in your home to synthetic chemicals.


Is an Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Removal Program LESS Effective Than a Conventional Bed Bug Extermination?

The answer is no. No, in the sense that organic chemicals are derived specifically (just like synthetic chemicals) to kill a bed bug. If the chemical was useless and a waste of time, believe us, we would not waste our time or yours!

But, every bed bug situation is unique in its own upsetting way and sometimes certain chemicals work and some don’t. This is all due to chemical tolerance, which we can explain on a later date!