Yes, those long humid, hot, muggy days of the summer are now coming to a close and we are all ready for the pumpkin spice coffees, hoodies and sweat pants and the beautiful colors of the falling leaves. With this new weather, arrives new pest problems, especially here in New York City. In the pest control industry it is now rodent season and honestly, this summer BOPM has seen a drastic increase of rodent service calls!

So what are we going to do to prepare? First, lets make sure all of our door sweeps are in good working condition, no loose ends. Door sweeps can be purchased at any local hardware store or you can reach out to us, we install professional door sweeps that contain steel wool, awesome products. But, none the less, we have to make sure all doors are blocked, search around your home for any entry points (gaps the size of a dime) and make sure they are sealed with steel/copper mesh and expandable foam, or we can do it! In apartments, these are the hot spot areas you should check; behind the stove, under the sink and around heating units, these are what we call “hot spot” areas, you seal these the same way, copper/steel mesh and expandable foam. If you have a pet, do not leave out hard dog/cat food, mice and rats have a field day and also make sure all human food is not left out and properly sealed in plastic containers.

Any questions or need some tips, email us or call our office; we’re always here to help!